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How would YOU decide the best way forward for Wiltshire's public transport?

How important is each factor in this decision for you?

Deciding the future direction for Wiltshire's Public Transport Network is going to be a compromise between many factors, and the council has a difficult decision to make with regards bus support for the 2017/18 year and beyond. This tool (prototype at the moment) is a tool to help you understand the various elements that go towards making the decision, and the way that priorities / importance will affect the outcome.

We invite you to put yourself in the decision maker's shoes. Select a box to the right to add importance or to the left if they're not important to you. When you are done, submit the form and we'll rank the eight options we're aware of based on the relative importance you've given to each factor in the choice. To call up the support page, go [here]

How important is it to you ...
Least ----- Most
... to make the required saving of £2.6 million in the 2017/18 year?
... to use a scheme which does not shift bus support costs to other budgets?
... that the scheme adopted is financially sustainable in following years?
... that the scheme provides a network suitable for current and future users?
... that the scheme adopted encourages new users of public transport?
... that the scheme adoped will be popular with the voting public?
... that the scheme will be good for operators, protecting business and jobs?
... that the scheme aligns with government policy?
... that the scheme is as risk free as possible?
... that the scheme works well for council team and will protect their jobs?

Learn About Options

The Wiltshire Council subsidised bus consultation ran until 4th April 2016 and archive copies can be found on our links page. Read the government's proposal as it currently stands: First draft. Take a look at Michelle Donelan's thoughts on Option 24/7: Chippenham MP's response.

Our Recommended Action

If you support the suggestions from Michelle Donelan MP, from central government, and from ourselves, we suggested consultation responses that include your indication of that support in answer to question 25. Enough people did so (thank you) for our suggestion to come to the notice of the consultation team.

Let Us Know Your Interest

We want to hear from you too. Please fill in our form to let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and if you responded to the council's bus subsidy consultation. Response Form

Spread the Word

Please ask your friends, family, colleagues and fellow travellers to take an interest too! If you're in any doubt about something, please use the contact form to get in touch; we'll be happy to answer you by email, or on Facebook or Twitter. And if your question has common interest, we'll add it to our Frequently Asked Questions.