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See for the old (2016) campaign site
These pages being updated (21.4.2021) for the "Bus Back Better" partnership work.
Much more once we are out of purdah!

15.3.2021 - Government announces bus revolution
Biggest change since bus derugulation in 1986. Our initial response - ((here))

Option 24/7 meeting - 29.3.2021 - slides ((here))
Option 24/7 meeting - 19.4.2021 - slides((here))
Government paper mirrored at ((here))

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Follow up meeting. All welcome (but signup required) will be 26.5.2021

Please see FAQ page for the 2021 outline

See ((here)) for the launch meeting slides, 29.3.2021

See ((here)) for the update slides, 19.4.2021 (best place to start at late April 2021)

See ((here)) for our mirror of the 84 page Government paper of 15.3.2021

See ((here)) For the Somerset Bus Partnership's 9 page summary of BBB
(a useful document, thank you)