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These pages being updated (21.4.2021) for the "Bus Back Better" partnership work.
Much more once we are out of purdah!

15.3.2021 - Government announces bus revolution
Biggest change since bus derugulation in 1986. Our initial response - ((here))

Option 24/7 meeting - 29.3.2021 - slides ((here))
Option 24/7 meeting - 19.4.2021 - slides((here))
Government paper mirrored at ((here))

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Follow up meeting. All welcome (but signup required) will be 26.5.2021

Option 24/7 "Buses Back Better" - Next Community Meeting - 17th May 2021

April 2022 - Implemetaion date

End of October 2021 - Initial Bus Service Improvement plans to be in place

End of June 2021 - Wiltshire Council

17th May 2021 - next Option 24/7 Zoom meeting

10th May 2021 - sign ups for next Option 24/7meeting

6th May 2021 - Unitary and parish elections / end of Purdah

19th April 2021 - Zoom Meeting - proposed community structures to take this forward. Agenda:
1. For NEWCOMERS, we'll start with a brief summary of what "Bus Back Better” is all about
2. We'll take a look at progress and what's been happening over the last few weeks
3. Then we need to look ahead and plan; BBB is the best opportunity in 30 years - and funded too - to make changes that make a service suitable for our changed future as we move towards a zero carbon world. And it can be done by using the carrot and not the stick.
Slide set at

29th March 2021 - Zoom Meeting - what's this all about? Agenda:
* We looked at the overall picture, the local Transport area picture, and the local community area.
* There was be opportunity taken for on topic interaction.
* We looked forward to follow through for Better Buses with community input.
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15th March 2021 - "Bus Back Better" paper announced.
Paper at