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11 Oct 2021 - BSIP as submitted to Wiltshire Cabinet and supporting documents including survey output via

7 Sept 2021 - Draft BSIP, Improvements for current (financial) year and Option 24/7 master organisation document via

* Wiltshire Council Survey closed 23.8.2021
* Wilsthire Council Climate consultation open until 17.10.2021
* See for the old (2016) campaign site
* These pages being updated regularly for the "Bus Back Better" partnership work.

A positive route forward for Wiltshire's buses??

Management overview - objectives and direction of option 24/7

1. A/The Wiltshire Community Bus Partnership

2. Long term goal - a vibrant integrated local public transport network for Wiltshire

3. Community Information and Expertise Community support right through and beyond delivery

4. Who we are. Community area partnerships, public transport users (who often have strong expertise) and seasoned public transport promoters.

5. Case studes. Where has this worked? Look to London, Poole, Essex, Torbay. Keep an eye on places like Newport and Cornwall too, and recent work under total transport pilot scheme work (e.g. South Gloucester, Dorset)

6. Develop new markets - tourism, commuters, the young in place of "Dad's taxi", and don't rely on just a dwindling current user base.

7. Financial objective - an overall network with a dramatically reducing subsidy requirement for a strong increasing passenger flow without significant loss of provision.

* The mechanisms are on the option24/7 web site

* We are looking to do this with the experts at the Passenger Transport Unit, our own team, bus operators, and contract experts brought in where required, in an environment of openness and trust.

For the immediate future, we look to (a) ask people to write in support on the open consultation and (b) we seek to brief the PTU and others; potential date - early evening on Monday 29th Febtuary 2016, venue to be arranged.

As at 23.1.2016 Support from ... Trowbridge, Corsham, Bradford-on-Avon, Melksham, Westbury, Pewsey, Rode, Frome, Bedwyn, Warminster, Salisbury, Atworth, BaNES. Publicised by people in Chippenham, Hilmarton, Everleigh, All Cannings, Maiden Bradley, Malmesbury, Leigh, Seend and Shalborne. Extra write-in responses in support from Bratton, Devizes, Marlborough and South Wilts. Probably more we don't know about too